konica hexar af

Expired Film, part 1

Some time ago I got my hands on a lot of expired films. 27 rolls, 2 different kinds; Fuji Superia Xtra 400 and Fuji Superia 100. Both kinds over 10 years expired. Now, as we're all used to shooting 36 frames per roll, these were only 12 shots per roll. Obviously, you run faster through a roll because of that fact, turns out, it's a much different approach than I'm used to. 

​​Because of the age of the film I shot the 100 films at speed 50 and the 400 films at speed 200. I have no idea how the films has been stored, and I noticed some purple tones on some rolls, an increase of grain and a decrease in contrast. Most of them turned out good though.

​The photographs here are shot with the Konica Hexar AF and Fuji Superia 100 rated at 50, developed normally. 

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