Henrik Emtkjær Hansen (1980) is a Danish photographer with a focus on personal landscapes in and around the Wadden Sea area, Denmark.

His pictures tell about a place and, at the same time, - although there isn't any presence of a human being - they show the vividness of his presence. The quality of Hansen’s work concerns just exactly this connection between human and nature: more precisely the ambiguity between human tracks and natural things. Natural shapes and man's objects resonate each others also thanks to his minimalistic/non-rhetorical approach to the subject, which emphasizes this ambiguity. 

Publications, collaborations and commercial

Ain't Bad Magazine, USA

Fisheye Magazine, France

Urbanautica Institute

Kwerfeldein, Germany

Features Shoot, USA

Danmarks Radio, Denmark

Den Sorte Skole, Denmark

Nationalpark Vadehavet Magasin, Denmark

Tønder Festival, Denmark

Hypocam, Italy

ArtUpon, Website

Don't Take Pictures Magazine


Archive Collective Magazine, Germany

IL Post, Italy

Music Norway, Norway


Rundetårn, København

Ribe Jernindustri

Kunstnerhuset, Skærbæk


Skærbæk Distriktsskole

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