wadden sea

Expired Film, part 3

Some fresh scans from rolls of expired Fuji Xtra 400, shot on the Konica Hexar AF, Wadden Sea area, Denmark.


Welcome to the site and thank you for visiting.

I will use this platform to regulary post samples of my work - more tightly curated than the social platforms allow me to do. I have been wanting to get a website up and running for some time now, so here it is! I’ve been missing the opportunity to also show my images in a larger scale and overall in a better quality than social media platforms.

In the categories you’ll find series of my photographic work alongside notes, galleries with the Wadden Sea series, but also other work like my newest favorite thing: FILM photography. I’ll try to update the site and especially this section frequently with thoughts on photography, news and information.


Henrik Emtkjær Hansen