folk music


It’s been a while right? I have a goal to keep this section updated on a more frequent basis, maybe one day moving all my photographic activities to this place only.

Anyway. Did some concert photography this weekend on the fantastic Tønder Festival and I brought both film and digital. I managed to shoot a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 on the Konica Hexar AF for the daylight gigs and half a roll of Delta 3200 for the night ones. For the digital I used my old pal, the battered up Fuji X100T. Here's a few from the digital ones while I wait on the rolls to get developed.

Here's to Gregory Alan Isakov, John Smith, Tide Lines, Jonah Blacksmith, Irish Mythen and Birds of Chicago.

Go to “the music” section to view more… There's some from past years too. As I get through the editing process, more live photographs will be uploaded there.