Ilford scans, 2018

These are some scans from a few rolls of Ilford PanF50 from last year. I'm pretty satisfied with most of them, and I'll make sure to show some more new work in these blog posts in the future. 

Ilford PanF50/Olympus Mju lll

Ilford PanF50/Olympus Mju lll

These three photographs are all from last year, southern Denmark. I mainly fired through the roll to test out a new point and shoot that I had picked up in a second hand shop, and to see how the film acted in my main machine, the Hexar AF. 

Ilford PanF50/Konica Hexar AF 

Ilford PanF50/Konica Hexar AF 

Most pictures from these two rolls turned out fine, nice gray smoothness and perfectly grained. 

Ilford PanF50/Olympus Mju lll 

Ilford PanF50/Olympus Mju lll 

Print Sale - Dead Tree

I'm having a print sale of this photograph, sized 20x30 cm. (8x12") with small white border. Printed on high quality 305 g/m² Fine Art Matte paper. Signed and numbered, edition of 10.

75 $, shipping included. Payment via PayPal or, for Danish customers, Mobilepay (kr. 450,-)

Go to the contact section and fill out the form to order your print or send an email directly to

Best, Henrik Emtkjær Hansen



I frequently get the question if I sell prints of my photographs. I haven't done that much in the past. Most of the printing I've done has been for the purpose of exhibitions in different venues.

However, I'm right now working on a set of photographs available for purchase. I will make a new post here and on Instagram and the Facebook page when the prints are ready, so stay tuned for that. 

In the meantime, people who are interested in buying a print of the photograph "BOAT" can go to and place an order. The price for this particular piece is $60 for the 8"x10" version and $125 for the 11"x14" version. The paper used for this print is high quality, acid-free, pH-neutral archival paper.

Article on Kwerfeldein - Die Dinge, die gar nicht da sind

In the notes section I’ll also try to collect publications and features on my work.

About a year ago I was interviewed by the german photography magazine Kwerfeldein. I talked a bit about my approach on photography. You can read it here:

Note: It’s in german.

Wir alle haben unsere ganz eigene Sichtweise auf die Welt. Durch Fotos, Zeichnungen oder jede andere Kunstform zeigen wir etwas sehr Persönliches. Unsere eigene Art, die Umgebung um uns herum zu sehen und zu verstehen.


Welcome to the site and thank you for visiting.

I will use this platform to regulary post samples of my work - more tightly curated than the social platforms allow me to do. I have been wanting to get a website up and running for some time now, so here it is! I’ve been missing the opportunity to also show my images in a larger scale and overall in a better quality than social media platforms.

In the categories you’ll find series of my photographic work alongside notes, galleries with the Wadden Sea series, but also other work like my newest favorite thing: FILM photography. I’ll try to update the site and especially this section frequently with thoughts on photography, news and information.


Henrik Emtkjær Hansen